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Dear Voter, 

The first few months of my local campaign for Harrison Town Judge were informative and productive as residents considered my qualifications and compared them to those of the other candidate.  However, over the last ten days the Chairman of the Westchester Republican Committee has resorted to personal attacks on me nearly every day.

I was evidently not his preferred choice for Town Judge.  Instead, he wanted to dictate to the local parties and people in Harrison who they should vote for.

Let me make three things clear:

1.  I was endorsed by the Affiliated Police Associations which included the Harrison PBA on the letterhead of my endorsement letter.  When the Harrison Police Department told me that independently they have a non-endorsement policy I immediately mailed out a clarification to Harrison residents and posted it on my website and Facebook.  It was a misunderstanding that was corrected, and the Chairman is aware of this.

2.  I will not be bullied out of running for office.  If I win or lose my LOCAL race it will not be because a Chairman from White Plains who does not live or work in Harrison dictates to local people who they should vote for.

3.  The Chairman has chosen to give away the County Republican Party endorsement to numerous current Democratic candidates, including many Family Court Judges, County Court Judges and Legislators.  However, in the race for Harrison Judge, he has chosen politics over competence and experience.

Please vote tomorrow based on my qualifications and my experience and not on a hate campaign from White Plains.

Thank you,


Patricia O'Callaghan, Esq.




The Harrison Town Court deals with both civil and criminal matters. That’s why it's so important to elect a qualifed and experienced town court judge.

Patricia O'Callaghan (Tricia, as she is known to her colleagues) is an experienced trial attorney. As a Supervisor and then Deputy County Attorney, she devoted her career to improving the lives of Westchester’s children and their families.

Tricia has earned high marks for her integrity strong ethics and compassion for helping others. Tricia knows Westchester, she knows the law and she understands the courts.

Tricia is a lifelong resident of the Sound Shore area. She is the daughter of an Irish immigrant and she holds dual citizenship. Her grandfather was brave enough to bring his family here in the hopes of having a better life for them. She  is the oldest daughter in a family of 9 children.

Tricia is dedicated to the Town of Harrison, her son went to school here and they attend
St. Gregory's parish. She loves Harrison and the people in it and would like to make the Harrison town court a more efficient court experience.


Tricia O’Callaghan has been in public service for over 28 years. She has dedicated her career to public service both professionally as a
civil servant and personally as a volunteer in various not for profit organizations.

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